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Goldsmiths is a friendly, welcoming place and that you’ll be surrounded by people who want to get to know you.

Everyone has their own way of making friends but here’s a few tips and ideas to help you:

Try something new

Such as a Welcome Week event you wouldn’t normally take part in, for instance a society involved with something you’ve always wanted to try.

First impressions aren’t everything

Try not to worry about things you think you said or did that were embarrassing, everyone is going through the same period of adjustment and might be just as nervous as you about making good first impressions.

Don’t be shy about your English

Goldsmiths is an interational community and you will meet many different ways to express yourself and connect with others. Home students are always happy to help with phrases and sayings you may not be accustomed too.

Meet the neighbours

A lot of students are keen to get to know their neighbours in university accommodation, so don’t be shy, knock on doors, say hello and see what people’s plans are.

Get out into the university community

Make plans to go to events with other students. Mixers are a great place to start talking to people who’ve also just arrived at Goldsmiths.

Don’t plan too far in advance

With so many events going on at the university and in London it might be worth waiting to see what people in your accommodation and on your course are planning to do so you can all go together.

Finding your niche

Goldsmiths has a wonderful mix of people. Seek out people with similar interests through a university society, a Students’ Union campaign or your course to help you feel at home.


  • Welcome Week is only the start of meeting new people. You’ll meet more over the term
  • Almost everybody starting life at a new university will feel shy or awkward at some point
  • Be gentle with yourself and others. Try to include others in what you are doing if you see them struggling
  • It’s OK to find university life difficult at times, most people will experience this
  • If you need support adjusting to life at Goldsmiths visit the Student Centre or the Students’ Union
Velvet and Raffaele, two Goldsmiths students, chat about life as a student and making friends at university

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