Study Abroad fees and expenses


Guidance on how much you will need to pay for tuition fees and to cover your living expenses while you are in London

Tuition fees for 2017/18

Study Option Fee

Autumn Term Only

(September - December)


Spring Term Only

(January - June)


Full Year

(September - June)


London can be an expensive city, but Goldsmiths is situated in a relatively inexpensive area. We estimate that as a study abroad student you will need at least £1,020 per month for your living and accommodation expenses. This figure does not include international flights.

To help manage and build a budget for living and studying in the UK, the International Student Calculator is a useful tool.

Opening a bank account

It's advisable that you open a UK bank account once you arrive in the UK. You can open a student account at any high street bank. Goldsmiths has a branch of Santander on campus.

Foreign exchange control

It is very important that you make arrangements for the transfer of funds to pay your fees and maintenance costs before you come to the UK. This is a particular problem in countries with strict exchange control regulations, such as Nigeria and Iran. Remember that your fees are due at the beginning of your period of study, and you will not be allowed to attend classes unless you can make satisfactory arrangements for payment.

Banker’s draft

The cheapest way of bringing money into the UK, for fees etc, is to get a banker’s draft in pounds sterling drawn on a bank in the UK. It will be more expensive to get a pounds sterling cheque drawn on a foreign bank outside the UK, due to extra bank charges levied by the banking system here.

International currency transfer

If you choose to send money through a bank in your home country [an ‘International currency transfer’], indicate that you will pay all bank and agent’s charges; this may help you to avoid further bank charges when the money reaches Goldsmiths’ bank. You should keep a copy of the transaction note to bring with you.

Other methods of payment

If you choose to pay by any other method, you will have to pay extra bank charges levied by the banking system, which is outside the control of Goldsmiths’ management and bank.

Please note: if you are transferring money directly into Goldsmiths’ account, please add £20 sterling to cover bank charges and ensure your name is clearly stated on the payment instruction.

Please note that Goldsmiths, University of London will never ask you to send your bank details by email. We will only email you from an address ending in If you receive an email asking you for your bank details, don't reply or forward any money: please contact us immediately by emailing


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