The Goldsmiths Strategic Plan

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Goldsmiths is currently in the process of refreshing and updating its strategy for 2018-2023, consulting across the College community and beyond. While our mission and values will remain unchanged, the revised strategy will seek to respond to the changing environment and reshape our priorities for the next five years. The refreshed strategy will be published here early in 2018.


We offer a transformative experience, generating knowledge and stimulating self-discovery through creative, radical and intellectually rigorous thinking and practice.


Our Mission is under­pinned by the fol­low­ing values:

Achieving academic excellence
  • Pursuing intellectual curiosity
  • Encouraging the highest standards of research and practice
  • Building on our diverse strengths through interdisciplinary imagination
  • Maximising the interaction of teaching and research
Radical and innovative thinking
  • Cultivating a unique and creative approach to all our subjects
  • Daring to think differently and to challenge the norms
  • Embracing new ideas with energy and reflection
Respecting the individual
  • Encouraging individuality and nurturing talent
  • Enabling freedom of thought and expression
  • Nurturing an environment of openness and tolerance
Promoting access and diversity
  • Enabling a wide range of people to benefit from our learning opportunities
  • Recruiting students and staff from all backgrounds and experiences
  • Strengthening our local connections as we extend our international reach
Supporting our students and staff
  • Creating a responsive and collaborative learning environment
  • Providing inspiring opportunities for personal and social development
  • Enhancing the life skills of employable and enterprising global citizens
Creating change, locally and globally
  • Being socially aware and socially engaged
  • Actively promoting sustainability
  • Fostering a social and intellectual community within, and beyond, Goldsmiths