Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies Short Courses


Degree listing

Adolescents as Victims and Perpetrators

This course explores the unique experiences of adolescent victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

  • Next course: Thursday, 22 Mar 2018
  • £204-£360
  • Suitable for all

An Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy Practice

This course is for anyone interested in learning about the principles and practice of Dance Movement Therapy (now known as Dance Movement Psychotherapy DMP).

  • Next course: Saturday, 10 Feb 2018
  • £85-£120
  • Intermediate

Art Psychotherapy - Reflective Practice

This series of Saturday seminars offer a continuing professional development opportunity for qualified Arts Psychotherapists to deepen theoretical understanding and approaches to practice through topic-led discussion and exploration.

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  • £650
  • Intermediate

Art Psychotherapy - Taster Course

Interested in art psychotherapy and want to find out more? Goldsmiths is offering evening taster sessions where you can have a brief experience exploring art therapy and gaining awareness of the theories that underpin the practice. You will also have an opportunity to talk with Lecturers from the MA Art Psychotherapy about career development.

  • Next course: Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018
  • £50
  • Beginners

Art Psychotherapy Foundation

This is a practical and theoretical introduction to Art Psychotherapy in the UK for those who have a general interest in the profession and those who are considering accredited training.

  • Next course:
  • £1225
  • Beginners

Art Therapy Large Group: Understanding Non-Verbal Communications and Dialogue

The course aims to give you the opportunity of taking part in an Art Therapy Large Group. We aim to provide a boundaried space with no explicit agenda, to enable individuals to explore, through the use of art, performance and dialogue, the dynamics that arise in a large group.

  • Next course:
  • £175
  • Suitable for all

Community Arts Projects: Planning, Fundraising and Delivering

This exciting short course explores the core components of developing and delivering community arts projects. As opportunities are now limited with cuts to the majority of funding sources, projects must be innovate and timely. Our experienced team have designed this course to ensure you are well placed to overcome funding obstacles, and deliver successful community arts projects.

  • Next course: Thursday, 11 Jan 2018
  • £295
  • Intermediate

Community Music Practice: Working with Disabled People and Young People with Special Educational Needs

Community Music is a term used to describe an approach to music that is inclusive and participatory. This can operate both therapeutically and educationally, but as a field has its own rich history and culture. This course focuses on working with Disabled People and young people with Special Educational needs. We’ll explore some of the disabling barriers these groups face, as well as physical, cognitive and learning challenges, and how creative and participatory music sessions can benefit them.

  • Next course: Saturday, 3 Mar 2018
  • £95
  • Suitable for all

Community Music Practice: Working with Hard to Reach Young People

Community Music is a term that describes an approach to music that is both inclusive and participatory. This can operate therapeutically and educationally, but as a field has its own rich history and culture. This workshop focuses on working with so-called “hard to reach” young people, in overcoming the challenges they face through music. As well as introducing you to this growing field, we’ll explore the contextual background and practical tools you’ll need to take into your own practice.

  • Next course: Saturday, 10 Mar 2018
  • £95
  • Suitable for all

Couples Therapy

Couple and Relationship issues are the most prevalent presenting problems in therapy. If you’re working or studying in the counselling field then this short course will harness your interest in this specialist area. Couple therapists are highly sought after, and developing your skills and knowledge in this area has real potential to increase your understanding and shape your career trajectory.

  • Next course:
  • Intermediate

Introduction to Art Psychotherapy

Goldsmiths is offering a 2-day workshop where you can experience and learn about the theories that underpin art psychotherapy practice, discover how art psychotherapy can help, and have an opportunity to talk with tutors from the MA Art Psychotherapy about career development.

  • Next course: Friday, 23 Feb 2018
  • £240
  • Beginners

Introduction to Counselling: Core Skills and Theories

If you have an interest in counselling and would like to find out more about the principles and practice of the 3 major approaches – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic and Person Centred Therapy – then this two weekend workshop is an ideal starting point.

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  • Suitable for all

Multimedia Approaches in Art Psychotherapy

This 3 day intensive course is for qualified arts psychotherapists/psychotherapists who wish to develop their knowledge and skills across a range of multimedia tools and technologies in their therapeutic work. It will introduce a range of starting points and clear pathways for using multimedia approaches in progressing therapy interventions, enabling clients to engage in expressive, exploratory and reflective processes to share thoughts, feelings and review life experience

  • Next course:
  • £395
  • Advanced

Non-verbal Communication: The Art of Conversation through body language

This course is for practitioners in health, education, community and social care interested in developing ways of relating to clients who depend on non-verbal communication. This may include, for example, clients who are learning disabled, those with dementia or who have lost the capacity to speak.

  • Next course: Saturday, 23 Jun 2018
  • £106-£125
  • Suitable for all

Self Care for Practitioners Working in the Caring Professions

This course of for practitioners in the helping professions, for example therapists, care workers, teachers, teaching assistants, social workers, who are interested in self-care and re-discovering the vitality and passion in the work.

  • Next course:
  • £85-£125
  • Intermediate