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Nicola Lockey


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Learn about all the different options for raising funds and marketing through crowdfunding. This course will ensure you are fully prepared to launch your campaign and get the money and support you need. Whether you are an artist, musician, filmmaker, writer, designer, photographer, or you are involved with a community non-profit, gaining attention and access to funds is vital to bring your ideas to fruition.

An excellent course. Highly relevant and presented in a most engaging way. Essential for anyone looking at alternative ways to fund projects.


Nicola is very knowledgeable and her experience in the industry has brought very helpful insights. The course is very well structured. I started as a complete beginner and am finishing the course with great motivation and confidence to start crowdfunding a project.


In spite of the growing use of crowdfunding as a viable platform four out of five campaigns fail to succeed, arguably through lack of prior insight and preparation. On this exciting short course you'll have the chance to learn about specialist platforms, such as those where an artist can make a living from their work through subscription payments, others where a budget can be raised for a book, film, music or theatre production. This is an excellent way to gain matchfunding from institutions and grant-awarding bodies, who see crowdfunding as a source of projects that have proven appeal. This course will ensure you are better able to navigate your way through the hundreds of different platforms on offer. Choose the best option for you, create an engaging pitch and develop a better understanding of your audience. In addition, you will also learn to market your project, gain a following and engage in a new way with fans and supporters.

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Why study this course?

This will be a practical course, adapted specifically to the needs and interests of course participants and their projects. You don’t need to have a project in mind, as you will also learn marketing and fundraising skills that can be applied in your work today and in the future. The aim is to familiarise you with the various types of crowdfunding, allow you to assess the best approach, and to understand what makes a crowdfunding campaign succeed.

This short course will enable you to:

  • Understand Crowdfunding
  • Gain the skills to use it for marketing and raising funds
  • Understand all the different platforms and how to choose the best one
  • Become familiar with the different models: donations, rewards, patronage etc.
  • Develop your marketing, positioning, messages and pitch
  • Design your pitch video
  • Define and develop an audience
  • Learn how to use social media marketing to engage your followers and supporters
  • Understand how to launch and manage your fundraising campaign

Why Goldsmiths?

Goldsmiths is known for creativity and innovation. By taking this course at Goldsmiths, you’ll benefit from an accessible approach to quality teaching, and knowledge that can be applied in the real world. This course will bring together like-minded people in a supportive community to cross-fertilise and optimise each other’s ideas.

Learning outcomes

  • Best practices for planning a crowdfunding campaign
  • Choosing the right crowdfunding model and platform
  • How to build and engage a supportive community
  • Developing your pitch: challenges, pitfalls and success factors
  • Managing and troubleshooting a campaign
  • Obtain a certificate in Fundraising & Marketing with Crowdfunding

What can I do after this course?

Whether you work in creative, cultural or non-profit worlds, the ability to raise funds and capital is an indispensable asset and this course will give you the knowledge and skills to market and fund your ideas.

Who teaches this course?

Nicola Lockey has extensive strategic marketing experience in the UK and USA, advising start-ups and global brands. She is a successful entrepreneur and anthropologist specialising in access to finance through crowdfunding. 

After 10 years advising startups in Silicon Valley, Nicola spent the past three years studying and writing about the evolution of the crowdfunding market, participating in policy discussions, industry meetings and conferences. She serves on the All-Party Parliamentary Committee for Crowdfunding that meets quarterly at the House of Commons.

Her marketing expertise has contributed to many award-winning campaigns for both non-profits and famous brands. As Board Member of a local arts and education charity, Nicola has been involved in the fast-moving world of crowdfunding as a source of capital for community activists, artists and creative entrepreneurs.

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