AIR Short Courses


Psychology; Data Analysis and Programming; Writing and Publishing; Public Speaking and Presenting; International Business Law; and Advocacy

Our courses are:

  • Interdisciplinary

Most courses include essential elements from other disciplines, e.g. Advocacy is completed with cutting edge knowledge in Psychology, essential to every advocate.

  • Interactive

To ensure maximum benefits for you, we have designed these courses to allow for interaction from all participants, including by limiting the number of students per class.

  • Tailored to each student's needs

Individual students' needs and interests are, where possible, accommodated, e.g. students are provided with materials and support as to their needs and interests.

  • Taught by leading experts

Courses are organised and taught by leading experts with practice and teaching experience internationally.

Please browse through the list below of all our 1-day or 2-evenings, 5-day and 2-week courses. Tailor-made individualised courses are also available, contact us for further information.

Please send all enquiries to Teemu Toivainen at

NB. we offer a number of different discounts for our courses. These are visible in the How to Apply section of each of our course pages.

Tailor-made Private Courses

Tailor-mode group courses can also be arranged at other times.

In addition to our group courses, we provide one-to-one courses of different length (subject to availability). Please contact for further details.

More about AIR

Our motto is: Adapt - Innovate - Re-adapt

Humans evolved into species that adapt to changes in the environment and continously modify their environment through innovation. Innovations bring progress, new ways of life, but also new problems - all requiring re-adadptation. AIR interdisciplinary courses provide students with the tools to Adapt, Innovate and Re-adapt.

Steven Hawking: "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change"

Albert Einstein: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them"

More about InLab

InLab is a research group, dedicated to understanding the origins of difference in peoples' learning, cognition, motivation and academic achievement. In our research we use different methods - including cross-cultural studies, experimental psychology, twin studies, molecular genetics and neuroscience - with the aim of improving education.

InLab is a member of INRiCHD (International Network for Research in Child Health and Development), which links many leading laboratories across the world. InLab is also a founding member of The Accesible Genetics Consortium.

More about IBL

IBL is an international consultancy providing legal and business advice on international transactions, and advising on matters of scientific exchange and technology transfers. It also provides professional training in a variety of areas.

IBL collaborates with InLab in areas of scientific exchange and training, including advocacy skills and public speaking. IBL also works with the Institute for Law, Ethics and Policy at The Accessible Genetics Consortium in relation to legal and ethical issues related to genomic advancements.