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Our research themes articulate Goldsmiths’ distinctive research strengths and culture, spanning disciplinary boundaries to address some of the most pressing issues of our time.

They respond to the challenges and opportunities affecting lives both locally and globally, while looking beyond the here and now to help shape a better future.

Social and Economic Justice

Can we imagine a more equitable collective future?

What is the good life? The answers offered by traditional economics are as unsuccessful as they are durable. The rejection of traditional political solutions represented by Brexit and the US presidential election encourage us to look for solutions in new, more inspiring experiments. How can we address what is a failure not just of policy, but of hope and imagination?

Our research breathes life into a stalled, orthodox debate.

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Bodies, Minds, Society

Bodies, Minds, Society

What is the connection between bodies, minds and society? And how can a dialogue between different perspectives help us understand our past and present, while inspiring better, fairer visions for the future?

Issues of health and gender permeate every aspect of life, from the family to school, to work and communities. Rooted in historical, cultural, and contemporary understandings of gender, bodies and citizenship, we focus on the social, political and biological dimensions of physical and mental health, embodiment and identity.

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Invention, Creativity and Experience

Invention, Creativity and Experience

All human cultures make and experience art, but do so in ways that is radically changing. New platforms and technologies are opening up new creative possibilities that have the potential to enhance our domestic and working life, our health, and our relationships with the built and natural environment.

Invention, creativity and experience lie at the very heart of contemporary social and cultural life. At the same time, the way that we make and experience cultural and technological artefacts is driven by new platforms such as virtual and augmented reality.

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Technologies, Worlds, Politics

Technologies, Worlds, Politics

When citizens demand their human rights online, or when they challenge expert knowledge on climate change, how are they actively contributing to their future relationships with technology? 

We critically examine the ways that technologies may close off possibilities and present dangers, but can also be openings for people in different social, cultural and political contexts to imagine and create alternative worlds.

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