Library Rules and Regulations


Goldsmiths' General Regulations apply to the Library.

In addition, the following Rules and Code of Conduct during 24/7 open hours apply to the use of the Library premises and its facilities:

Library Rules

  1. All library materials must be treated with care. Any material which is lost, destroyed or damaged shall be paid for by the person responsible, at a cost determined by the Librarian.
  2. Be considerate to other users:
    • Keep quiet in the Silent Study Areas.
    • Mobile phones should be set to vibrate rather than ring and they may only be used on the ground floor. Please speak quietly.
    • Aggressive and offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.
    • Food and drink may be consumed on the ground floor. Bottled water only may be consumed on the first and second floors.
    • Smoking is not permitted.
    • Rubbish should be deposited in the litter bin.
  3. Laptops:
    • May be used only in designated areas.
    • Must not be physically connected to the mains supply or to any other College equipment, except where notices explicitly state that this is permitted.
  4. If you set off the security alarm at the turnstiles, you must show any College materials in your possession.
  5. All users must respect the copyright of materials used in the Rutherford Building, and must not make unauthorised copies of material in any medium. Please refer to College Copyright LicencesCopyright for  guidance.
  6. Rules for borrowing rights and charges as they apply to different categories of user are maintained on the Library web pages:

Code of Conduct for 24/7 opening

Entry and exit by Goldsmiths' swipe card only

Eating allowed ground floor only - no take-away meals allowed

No alcohol or drugs

Mobile phones - talking allowed ground floor only

Rubbish - please use the bins provided

Books and journals - put on the trolleys after use

Look after your valuables

If the fire alarm sounds, leave the building immediately, using the nearest fire exit

    The Librarian, March 2013.