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Volunteering is an invaluable way to give back to Goldsmiths. Our alumni are one of our greatest assets and we never underestimate the potential you have to enhance student experience, contribute to daily life at New Cross or help us in making new connections.

Why we need your help

In an increasingly competitive job market, the importance of having a network of contacts is paramount and for many graduates the concept is new to them, but it may make a critical difference in the path they take during and after their studies. Alumni are in a unique position to inspire, advise and mentor current students. And it isn’t always the students who need your help.

Membership to the Goldsmiths community is lifelong and we want alumni to take from it as much as they put in. If you are changing career or moving to a new city, alumni volunteers can help both professionally and socially.

There are many ways to support students and alumni to maximise the time they have spent here, but we cannot do it alone. We rely on our alumni and their expertise and networks to help us support the Goldsmiths community as best we can.

So help to inspire current students, network with the global Goldsmiths community or tell people what makes Goldsmiths such a special place to learn. Become a Goldsmiths supporter.

“When I graduated I didn’t have family friends that I could call to say, ‘Can I get a job placement?’ I didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t know what the processes were. If you’re beginning a freelance career… it’s especially important that you have a mentor. It also works both ways – as a mentor I have learned as much from my mentees as much as they have hopefully learned from me.”

Rochelle Dancel (MA Media and Communications, 2008), partner at Bat in Belfries working on digital, creative and user experience. Rochelle, volunteer speaker, at the Goldsmiths Connect launch event (pictured third below). 

How you can volunteer

Tell your story

Design alumni profile

Share the experiences or events that characterised your time here and let students know how it shaped the things you have gone on to do since. What do you wish you had known when you first arrived and when you first left?

Our graduate profiles allow us to share successful alumni career stories, promote the University programmes to prospective students and inform current students about how their degree can help with their career after they leave Goldsmiths.

If you're willing to give 15 minutes of your time to tell us about your time at Goldsmiths and your career journey since leaving university, complete the graduate form.

Share your expertise

Goldsmiths Connect collateral

Goldsmiths Connect is our online platform giving alumni, current students and staff the opportunity to network, ask for advice or look for career inspiration. There is also the opportunity to offer one-to-one mentoring to students and alumni at all stages of their careers. Find out more about the platform and sign up.

Inspire current students

Rochelle Dancel at Goldsmiths Connect launch event

Students particularly appreciate hearing from alumni when they are thinking about their future careers. We work closely with the Careers Service and other departments to ask alumni back to inspire students. If you live and/or work in or near London and are interested in coming back to Goldsmiths as a speaker, email alumni ( and we will be in touch.

Offer real-life experience

Work placement

A number of programmes at Goldsmiths offer students the chance to undertake a work placement as part of their studies, and it makes sense that it is our former students who get to host these placements. This means offering relevant opportunities to students and getting the return benefit of having helped nurture future talent within your own sector.

We also welcome paid internships, and if you are a small- or medium-sized enterprise, we may be able to offer subsidies in collaboration with Santander. If you are interested in offering a work placement or an internship, email alumni ( and we will put you in touch with one of our colleagues in the Careers Service.

Become an Alumni Ambassador

Alumni Ambassador flyer and Goldsmiths Reunite flyer

Alumni Ambassadors are our primary points of contact between Goldsmiths and alumni based around the world. They help us to develop local and vibrant networks of alumni and integrate new and relocating alumni into local activities to make them feel a part of the wider Goldsmiths community. Each May they deliver a series of events that takes place all in one week. We continue to expand the programme with applications now also open to UK alumni.

Register your interest in becoming an Alumni Ambassador.

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